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Check Out Our First In-Store Event!

A mystical looking woman with long dark hair swept over one shoulder looks down at tarot cards held in her two hands. Before her on a table with a colorful tablecloth are large tarot cards that are fanned out. The background is a smoky gray and the image reads "How To Read Tarot Workshop Saturday March 20th at 7 pm"

You'll learn all about the Foundations of Tarot, including:

  • Tarot energy & how it works

  • The history of Tarot

  • How to handle & care for your cards

  • Clearing the energy from cards

  • Setting up your reading space

  • Basic intro to the Rider Waite Tarot Deck

  • How to trust your intuition to build comfort while reading yourself and others

PLUS receive a 16 page, double sided (32 pgs total) workbook customized by the instructor with everything you need to begin or advance your tarot journey

Seating is VERY limited! Click HERE to read more and find out how to reserve your seat today!


Spotlight on Aquamarine: March's Birthstone

March's birthstone is Aquamarine! Aquamarine is not only beautiful, but welcomes in healing from emotional trauma while helping you get in touch with repressed emotions. It helps bring peace, calm, and clarity.

Little Shoppe of Crystals in Sayville has a variety of aquamarine styles you can choose from, including tumbles and wrapped pendants!



You can find a large variety of tarot cards at Little Shoppe of Crystals, including those that help you connect with your wise inner goddess!

And of course we carry a large selection of crystals that tap into feminine energy. Crystals like Amethyst, Selenite, Citrine, Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Larimar, Carnelian, and more!



As a special thanks for our newsletter subscribers, we sent out an exclusive sneak peek at what's new in store at Little Shoppe of Crystals! These items were shared with our subscribers before we posted them online! First up, check out these precious air cactus! They pair so well with crystals since they help clear toxins from your environment, which can help facilitate an easier flow of energy while you're doing crystal work. AND we got in some really awesome RAW aquamarine, perfect for all the March birthdays out there! We have an amazing selection!

Next up, you will LOVE these bright Bumblebee Jasper hearts . . . and they are NOT the only shapes we have in stock! Bumblebee Jasper is the perfect crystal for those looking to facilitate change and welcome new opportunities.

And our final sneak peek is of these gorgeous, stately Yellow Fluorite towers! THIS is the crystal for all you beautiful creatives out there!


We hope to see you soon!


Mon - Thu: 11am - 6 pm

Fri: 11am - 8 pm​​

Sat: 11 am - 6 pm

Sun: 12 pm - 4 pm


Be sure to visit our home page and sign up for our exclusive newsletter today!

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